‘It was disturbing’: Attorneys question Liberty County deputies’ search of Delaware State bus


Prominent Georgia attorneys question the actions of sheriff’s deputies in Liberty County, Georgia, some even speculating that they violated the civil rights of student-athletes from a Delaware HBCU when they searched the lacrosse players’ motorcoach. who pulled over and searched a bus filled with student-athletes from Delaware State University traveling home from a match in Florida, has already brought calls for legal consequences. The Delaware Attorney General has called for a federal civil rights investigation and several Georgia attorneys also questioned the deputies’ behavior.

“It was disturbing,” said Melissa Redmon, clinical assistant professor and prosecutorial justice program director at the University of Georgia School of Law. “I know how intrusive those stops may be, even if they’re legal.”

Why will govt sole-source GH¢400 million sea defence project to a new contractor? – Oppong Asamoah

The Member of Parliament (MP) for Dormaa West, Vincent Oppong Asamoah, has questioned why the government will sole-source Ningo-Prampram and Dansoman sea defence projects to a new contractor.

He indicated that because the project which cost GH¢400 million was sole-source to an inexperienced contractor, it had been badly executed.Oppong Asamoah said that decision of the government to source the project was suspicious, adding that he is going to lead efforts to probe the transaction.Contracts on GOG (Government of Ghana) should come by competitive bidding, not sole-sourcing unless that contractor has some special expertise that others do not have, In this case, a new contractor will execute it and sole source it to that person; it is so suspicious.”

“This one, we will go into it and find out why a project of this magnitude, of over ¢400 million, will be sole-sourced to a new contractor in the industry,” he is quoted to have said.The MP for Dormaa West, who is also the Ranking Member on the Parliamentary Select Committee on Works and Housing, made these remarks during a tour of the Ningo-Prampram and Dansoman sea defence projects

I am not happy with the economy – Gabby Otchere-Darko


A leading member in the ruling  New Patriotic Party, Gabby Asare Octchere Darko has stated that he is not pleased with the current economic conditions in Ghana.In an interview on Ase radio the NPP member noted that his perspective on the economy cannot be different from that of everyone,including the president and other members of government.

I am not sure my perspective will be different from yours.I am not happy with the economy. i don’t think you are happy with the economy to.I certainly don’t think the president is also happy with the economy because he had made it so;he said so that he is not happy.His vice has repeated that,his finance minister has said same.So we are all not happy with the economy he said \.

He further explained, you cannot run away from the fact that the economy is facing serious challenges,that’s accepted,and you cannot run away from the fact that ghanaians are struggling.You cannot run away from the fact that government is trying its best to in managing the situation.Is that the best?I BELIEVE THAT TIME WILL TELL’ he added

California Bar Risks Lawyer Suits After Data Breach Notices


The State Bar of California’s plan to notify attorneys whose names were exposed in a data breach of disciplinary records may spur litigation from lawyers who feel their reputations have been tarnished.The California bar said it will send notices to complainants, witnesses, and respondents whose names appeared in the over 320,000 confidential records that were posted on a third-party site and available from October 2021 to February 2022. It said it wasn’t legally required to provide the notifications, but would do so regardless.

We are taking these steps because we believe it’s the right thing to do,” said Leah Wilson, the executive director of the California bar, in a statement. “The State Bar is committed to transparency, and maintaining the public’s trust in our agency is paramount.”

Notices are expected to reach approximately 1,300 people whose names appeared in confidential records that showed evidence of a page view on the third-party site, including people tied to six records that contained a case type signaling mental illness or substance abuse.

Attorneys who receive these notifications and experience negative impacts on their career could bring negligence or emotional distress claims against the California bar, lawyers said.

“Litigation is a real possibility for people if they suffer reputational harm and it affects their ability to practice,” said Lucie Huger, an attorney at Greensfelder, Hemker & Gale P.C. in St. Louis. “Those who have experienced the breach are going to say: This should never have happened.”

Attorneys from Cooley LLP, who are advising the California bar, didn’t respond to a request for comment.

Lawyers’ Risk Management Newsletter, May 2022

The California Court of Appeal, Fourth District’s recent opinion in Falcon Brands, Inc. v. Mousavi & Lee, LLP, No. G059477, 2022 WL 246851 (Cal. Ct. App. Jan. 27, 2022) addressed this topic. That matter arose out of Amy Mousavi’s client, Nick Honard, being terminated by Falcon Brands, Inc. and Coastal Harvest II, LLC (collectively Falcon), a cannabis distributor. On October 8, 2019, Mousavi e-mailed a letter to Falcon’s counsel that summarized Honard’s employment claims and then itemized eleven allegedly illegal activities engaged in by Falcon, which included violations of California employment laws or Bureau of Cannabis Control (“BCC”) regulations, as well as alleging bribery of a deputy district attorney.

Mousavi then offered to settle Honard’s claims for $490,000. She required a response to her demand by the next day or else she would file a complaint and notify Falcon’s planned merger partner, Harvest Health and Recreation, Inc. (Harvest), about the complaint against Falcon, which would matter because Harvest would remain liable as the surviving corporation after any merger.After Falcon’s counsel responded, Mousavi, in an October 9 email and telephone call, again stated that she would be notifying Harvest of Honard’s claims and Falcon’s violation of various cannabis statutes and regulations before filing the complaint.

On Friday, October 11, Mousavi sent another e-mail to Falcon’s counsel: “I have put the attorneys for [Harvest] on notice about Mr. Honard’s claim for wages, without disclosing other issues mentioned in my letter of October 8, 2019. However, Harvest has requested that I forward the demand letters I have sent you. I am planning to e-mail those letters on Tuesday. Please call me if you have any questions. Thanks.”The parties failed to reach a settlement. On January 31, 2020, Mousavi filed Honard’s complaint against Falcon. The complaint alleged that Falcon engaged in specific illegal activities, but he did not affirmatively link those acts to either his wrongful termination or the non-payment of his commissions, salary, or expenses.

Falcon filed a cross-complaint against Mousavi and her law firm, Mousavi & Lee, LLP, for, among other things, civil extortion based on Mousavi threat to report Falcon’s alleged criminal acts to Harvest unless Falcon paid $490,000 to settle Honard’s claims against it. The trial court granted Mousavi’s motion to strike.On appeal, the Fourth District found that the October 8 email, “standing alone” did not cross the line by referencing state law violations within its demand. The Court found that the email was a “close[] call when considered by itself”; it contained an implicit threat by listing Falcon’s crimes but did not link them to her settlement demands.

N.Y.C. Lawyer Fired Over Handling of George Floyd Protesters’ Lawsuits

New York’s Law Department said it dismissed the lawyer after discovering she had made a misrepresentation in court filings.

  • Credit…Demetrius Freeman for The New York Times

    Demonstrations in New York after the 2020 murder of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer led to a wave of lawsuits accusing the police of using excessive force and other abusive tactics that violated protesters’ rights.

    The litigation has been fought bitterly in federal court, with lawyers for protesters claiming New York had repeatedly failed to turn over key documents and video footage, and the city’s Law Department arguing it was working diligently to keep up with demands being made in the many suits.

    But now, the Law Department has told a Manhattan federal magistrate judge that it has fired a lawyer in the case after she was found to have made a misrepresentation in a court filing and additional ones in communications with the protesters’ lawyers.

    In a letter to the judge on Friday, the Law Department said the lawyer, Dara L. Weiss, had told the court in a recent filing that she had sent an email to lawyers for the protesters to set a date for the parties to discuss a dispute. In fact, the department said, she had only drafted the email but had not sent it.

Trump Lawyers Detail Document Hunt in Contempt Ruling Fight

Donald Trump’s legal team wants to void a contempt ruling and $10,000-per-day fine against the former president over a subpoena for documents related to a New York civil investigation into his business dealings, saying they’ve conducted a detailed search for the relevant files.

A new, 66-page court filing dated Friday describes Trump’s lawyers’ efforts to produce documents sought by New York Attorney General Letitia James’s office, which is probing whether Trump may have misstated the value of assets like skyscrapers and golf courses on financial statements for over a decade.Trump has called the investigation a political witch hunt and recently called James, who is Black, “racist” and said the courts were “biased, unyielding, and totally unfair.”

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