Thunder strikes four dead

A thunder strike for the duration of a short downpour has claimed the lives of four human beings in Serepkere, a network inside the Nadowli-Kaleo District.

Three are brothers of the identical father, even as the fourth individual is a scrap metallic supplier.
Initial facts amassed indicated that the scrap metal supplier, who had gone to the community to shop for some metals from the alternative victims, tried rescuing the three brothers and turned into also stuck by way of the thunder surprise inside the procedure.
A source, who pleaded anonymity with the GNA defined that thunder sufferers were now not imagined to be touched except conventional rites had been achieved.

The source stated, the scrap provider unknown to him idea he could shop the 3 brothers however turned into also killed inside the process.
Information available also indicated that there was the fourth time the incident had took place and affected the identical own family.
The sufferers have been buried after appearing the necessary conventional rites whilst the funeral rite is ongoing.

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