Twitter Says It Can Beat Musk’s Claims in Four Trial Days

Twitter Wants a lightning-short trial to clear up its declare that billionaire Elon Musk wrongfully canceled his proposed $44 billion buyout of the social-media platform.

Lawyers for the San Francisco-based agency say they need best four days in Delaware Chancery court to prove that the sector’s richest man should be pressured to honor his agreement and pay $fifty four.20 a proportion for Twitter. The organization hopes to start the non-jury case on Sept. 19. Felony experts, but, expect the case will take approximately two weeks to try.

Unlike some states in which it may take several years to get a case to trial, Delaware Chancery court usually actions quicker. Chancery judges — business regulation experts — are recognised for being able to parse through the prison thickets of complicated merger and acquisition disputes extra quick and punctiliously than different US courts. Even complex business instances are often argued before a judge inside six or seven months of being filed.

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