Thriller in Dambai

Citizens of Dambai health Centre, a farming community, in the Krachi East Municipality of the Oti location are in surprise as a teak tree which became uprooted in a rainstorm, seems upright to its former role with out branches.

The branches of the almost dried tree have been left at the ground, while some of the roots of the tree confirmed it turned into reduce off from the relaxation firmly buried inside the floor.Madam Mary Boama who said in an interview approximately the mysterious incident said she feared the situation since the tree became towards her house.She said her fear grew more since she was the one who reduce off the branches of the tree whilst it become uprooted with plans to apply them as firewood.

Madam Boama said the re-erection of the tree stuck her attention because the tree changed into uprooted almost per week earlier than the thriller.
She narrated the teak tree stood upright “observing every person. That is a clean case of wonders shall by no means end state of affairs.”She said she would consult a spiritualist at the incidence adding that she changed into nonetheless in surprise.Mr Abraham Sapaku, a resident close by explained that he become home whilst he heard a noisy sound after which the tree reverted to its former position, status upright.

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