Rwanda honours retired Ghanaian Generals for bravery during Genocide

Rwanda awards the national Order of Bravery to an character or institution of those who demonstrate outstanding acts of self-sacrifice to shop the lives of others.The file quotes President Kagame as noting that a genocide produces no heroes, and actually doing one’s obligation required amazing courage like those generals did, and while maximum failed the test, those officials did now not.

“The Ghanaian battalion saved infinite lives below the most tough circumstances and there is no soldier involved who does now not carry invisible wounds in his heart to this present day. Wherein others fled or had been withdrawn by using their governments, leaving Rwandans to their fate, those officials remained and continued to guide their ladies and men, and did what changed into proper to do,” the President stated of them.

Anyidoho become the Deputy force Commander of the Ghanaian contingent and Adinkra was the previous Commanding Officer of the Ghanaian battalion inside the United international locations Peacekeeping undertaking in Rwanda in 1994.

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