Each Ghanaian will must sacrifice, specially the political elegance – Prof. Turkson

Partner Professor of development Economics on the college of Ghana, Professor Ebo Turkson, says Ghana’s burden sharing ought to now not be the reserve of just the regular Ghanaian, as an alternative everybody – together with the political magnificence – should be concerned inside the burden sharing.

His comments are with regards to stern warnings from workers unions throughout the us of a who have taken an uncompromising stance against any viable profits restructure which can both worsen their already dire monetary state of affairs or reason the authorities to renege on in advance earnings upward adjustment promises.In line with the Professor, the uncompromising stance taken through the unions is as a result of the realization that whenever there’s speak of burden sharing with the aid of the political elegance, it only influences the running magnificence.

“it is due to the fact the Ghanaian employee over the time has visible that if there must be any sacrifice being made in Ghana, it is the everyday people who sacrifice no longer the politicians and that is pretty key,” he stated.He has hence counseled that for the people unions to soften their stance, the authorities will first have to show their dedication to retaining to very strict austerity measures.

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