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Fishermen advised to pay heed to closed period

As Ghana implements the 2022 Closed Season for the fisheries region, the Convenor for Fisheries Alliance, Mr Kwadwo Kyei Yamoah, has reminded all fishers – artisanal, inshore and business trawler fishers – to live off fishing for the length to fill up the stock.The fishing closed season became an vital fisheries conservation device, he stated.
As directed via Fisheries commission, all artisanal fishers are anticipated to observe the Closed Season for one month; from July 1 to August 1, 2022.

Business fishers are, however, anticipated to live off fishing for 2 months, beginning July 1 to September 1, 2022.Mr Kyei Yamoah, in an interview with the Ghana news enterprise in Takoradi on Saturday, appealed to the fisher parents to conform with the Closed Season as a completely effective device for coping with Ghana’s fisheries, mainly inside the face of the declining fish inventory.

He said the conservation device might be effective if measures were put in vicinity to enforce the fisheries laws.He, consequently, cautioned the government and stakeholders to institute powerful mechanisms to make the fisheries legal guidelines greater binding to make sure proper compliance by using fishers.

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