TUC  Kicks against Proposed ECG, GWCL Tariff Increment

The Trades Union Congress (TUC) says the request via utility carrier providers within the country for increment in prices of power and water will compound the modern-day hardship that Ghanaians are going thru.

The Union said the proposals, ranging from 37 in line with cent to 334 consistent with cent, “have a great capability to show the monetary crisis into social and political disaster with the intention to be more tough to cope with.” The utilities explained that the growing charges and the depreciation of the Cedi had multiplied their price of operations a long way above their revenues and had to adopt crucial investments and upgrade in their infrastructure with the proposed increment.

But, the Union said, for the reason that financial system had now not completely recovered from the ravages of the COVID-19 pandemic, with emerging challenges from the Russia-Ukraine conflict, the upward review of tariff would compound the plight of households who have been already stricken by the intense financial crisis.

As such, the Union, which is the largest umbrella body of employees in Ghana, had requested the arena regulator, the general public Utilities Regulatory fee (PURC), not to furnish the request of the utilities till the disaster turned into over. The Union said: “In our present day financial and social situation, employees and Ghanaians may have little or no levers to take in such shocks. This is not the time for a major evaluate of software price lists. Any astronomical will increase in price lists could cause social upheavals.”

“The primary tariff overview ought to, therefore, be postponed until the fee-of-dwelling crisis is over,” it brought.  “as a substitute, what we want are measures with a purpose to lessen waste to the barest minimal and infuse performance inside the operations of the software companies that will help to maintain them over an extended period of time,” the Union cited in its submission to PURC.

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