Ghana’s Pan African heritage Museum seeks to reclaim Africa’s records

The Maasai of Kenya and Tanzania, the Himba of Namibia, the Somali of the Horn of Africa, the Zulu of southern Africa and the Mbenga of the West Congo Basin – among many different communities – should quickly be on the circulate to a brand new home in Ghana.

The most good sized mass movement of peoples within Africa began greater than 4,000 years in the past, whilst huge populations of Bantu-speakers left their authentic dwellings in southern West Africa, to settle in different parts of the continent.

The new migrants can be traveling in the opposite path.Like their predecessors, they will now not require visas or tour files.The museum therefore seeks to very own the African narrative by way of bridging what the founders say is an opening that has widened among humans of African descent for over four hundred years.It is a museum that seeks to educate, heal, and inspire.

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