On Camera, Lawyer Kicked, Slapped On Road In Karnataka. No One Helped

A woman was repeatedly slapped and kicked in a brutal assault near Vinayak Nagar in Bagalkote district of Karnataka on Saturday afternoon. The accused has been arrested, said the police.

Lawyer Sangeetha was attacked by her neighbour Mahantesh.

The incident was captured on video and showed Manthesh attacking the woman with great rage and force. The intensity of the slaps forces the woman back, she is also kicked in the stomach, it showed. As the woman picks up a plastic chair to defend herself, the man kicks her again and lands more slaps, the video showed.

Even though there are people around, but none came forward to help the woman, who is thrashed around mercilessly.

Manthesh had attacked the woman due to personal enmity regarding a civil dispute case, said the police. He claimed that the lawyer allegedly tortured and harassed him.

The two have reportedly fought several times in the past.

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